Hello, and Welcome again!  Now a little more about me. I believe in working hand-in-hand with each and every client to provide a custom and professional job.  I also follow the philosophy that your specific needs are unique to you because every property is different and I strive to provide you with a personalized plan to fit those needs. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction!   

   Because I strive for "perfection" and "customer satisfaction", I can proudly boast that over 90% of my clientele are repeat customers.  I don't just provide a service and move on. I build relationships with my customers and many end up becoming good friends! Most of my business comes from word of mouth, and I always want those words to be positive ones. My OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) doesn't allow me to do anything less than perfect (or as close as I can get) and often requires more time to complete the job than originally estimated, but never at any additional cost to the client. I just can't settle for and even hate the term "good enough".  My motto is "Better Than Expected"...and nothing less.

    As a one-man operation, I am limited to providing services to only one customer at a time. For you the customer this always means 100% dedication to your job.  You are always guaranteed that I will be the only one operating equipment on your property and not a subcontracted outfit or hourly employee who will never put forth the same effort and care that I do. 

    If I am unable provide all services you request then I will make every effort to put you in contact with another local small business that can and that I know and trust. On the occasion that customers do need services in addition to mine which I can't fulfill and another contractor is brought in to assist, any work accomplished by the supporting contractor is coordinated, estimated and billed through that contractor and the customer. I DO NOT add another contractor's services on to my job and billing. This ensures every customer that there is no mark-up in pricing as well as no confusion in regards to what services are provided by which contractor.
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The History of Common Ground Works...

   Common Ground Works has been proudly serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho since 2008.  I  began this one-man tractor operation after retiring from the USAF in 2005 after 22 years of service.  After my own personal and negative experience when needing tractor work done at my home and being told repeatedly that the job was too small and not worth the time of the local "large businesses" I decided to do something about it.  In 2006 I bought my own tractor and in no time the implements as well as favors for family & friends quickly multiplied.  It wasn't long before more and more requests from the local neighbors and people I didn't even know started coming in to do work for them.   In 2008, after much encouragement from family, friends and neighbors I decided to turn this tractor hobby into a business.
    My first tractor (Li'l Johnny D) was a small scale 37 hp John Deere 3520 series tractor (pictured above with a little help from my nephew). It's a great machine with lots of power for it's size!...Every job was, and still is different with new scenery, or as I call it, my office view changing every day. I even have a new boss day to day. And we all know you better keep the boss happy otherwise you won't have a job (or business) very long. 

    Before long the jobs grew in scope and quantity, pushing this little Greene Machine to it's limits. I worked it hard for many years and in the summer of 2015 I finally moved up to a mid size John Deere 4066R which puts out 66 hp and now serves me much better for the slightly bigger jobs I've progressed to. I still have Li'l Johnny D and use it for the smaller jobs and around the farm. All equipment is selected to allow for easy transport and access to residential properties, small acreage and small businesses. Bigger is not always better.

    After 12 years I am still the only employee of my business with no intentions to expand. I run only 1 tractor at a time and dedicate 100% of my time and effort to the customer at hand. I operate by the KISS (Keep ISmall Simple) principle. The average job ranges in size anywhere from residential lawns to 20 acres. I take pride in providing each client with a detailed scope of work and execute the job in a timely, satisfactory manner and at a very fair price.
Please remember all the men and women who have served, those currently serving and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Great Country!
Pricing?   My "Tractor Service" pricing practices are not conventional or comparative to most other Tractor Service Businesses. This is because I do not charge an hourly rate for this service as most others do. I bid jobs according to job complexity and how much time and resources I estimate it will take to complete each job. I could easily (as many do) bid a job at a specified number of hours and either "milk" the job to meet those hours, or hurry to finish the job before it's properly done because "time's up". On most occasions I tend to take more time than estimated because my personality (OCD) won't let me do a job that is just..."good enough". I do not believe in "good enough". I sincerely believe in, and live and operate by the philosophy of "Better than Expected". This philosophy historically results in taking a bit more time to complete a job, and at times may cost ME money, but a good job, a good consience and happy customers are ALWAYS the best reward. 

  Why do I stress these issues? Because unlike most businesses that charge by the hour, there is no hourly pricing index available for Tractor Services. And, as a homeowner and customer myself, I've personally experienced that added unexpected cost as well as witnessing it and hearing of it happening far too often in my profession. 

Job Materials & Supplies Pricing!     If the job requires any additional materials, supplies or products I can pretty much guarantee the absolute lowest price in the Spokane area. How can I make this claim? Well, I operate my business on a cash basis meaning I do not establish credit accounts at any of my vendors or wholesalers. I pay for the products / materials in full immediately upon acquisition. I also establish a business "relationship" with the wholesalers just as I do my customers which in turn allows me to get the absolute best price possible. And, I also only deal with a very small and select group of wholesalers. Therefore this wonderful bond and working relations I have with them allows me to pass these savings on to my customers. On most occasions the materials or products required for a job are normally the highest cost of most jobs. The labor is usually lesser of the two. My philosophy is simple. Why mark up the price of materials or products for a job that are already costly? This mark up as typical in most businesses, may well result in me not winning your trust or the job. As a one man operation I'm obviously not in business to get rich. I just want to do what I love while helping my customers with the services needed and making a respectable income. 

So... Whether you have one or multiple properties, let me keep them in top shape for you. I'm always available on a regular schedule or a one-time contract depending on your personal needs. Either way you'll get a professional, satisfactory job.  
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Colossians 3:23    Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. 
    All equipment is well maintained and cleaned after each and every job to prevent the 
introduction of unwanted weeds or other matter from being transported from one job to 
the next. At a minimum, all equipment is cleaned after each job by means of 
compressed air or a gas blower.  I truly believe you can tell a man's work ethic by the 
condition and appearance of himself and his equipment. While I myself will never be 
seen in a suit, slacks or sport coat, I will be as neat, clean and as presentable as 
possible for my line of work.

    I am very meticulous with my equipment, keeping it in top shape and 
appearance not only by my nature but also because I don't want my operations 
to be an eye-sore on your property. Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity! Take care of your equipment and it'll take care of you. Every machine and implement gets regular maintenance on a regular schedule. Oil change, lubrication, inspection, repairs and regular care keeps operations running smooth and efficient with little to no breakdowns on the job.

    Much of my equipment allows me to access jobs in small yards with gates as narrow as six feet as well as the ability to work in horse paddocks, arenas, corrals, etc. Some implements however require a minimum access of eight feet to access the job site. I am capable of performing tasks that are typically done with much larger equipment because I am able to access the area(s) to be worked whereas larger equipment cannot gain this access.
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