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Customer Feedback and Testimonials
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Hi. I'm not too savy on this new Blogging thing but it appears to be the current method available to get customer feedback. So with that, we're looking for any feedback whether Positive or Negative. All feedback is posted by the customer and never edited in any form.  Just as any business, we need your feedback for two obvious reasons...(1) To find out how we're donig as a business and what, if any changes we need to make, and (2) to provide honest feedback to any potential new customers.  Now, some may look at this as a potential suicide mission but we really do strive for 100% satisfaction in our services.  All Past, Current and Potentially New Customers are very important to me and the continued success of my business so your feedback is critical to continued quality service. Please let us know how we're doing in any of the following areas.

1. Quality of Service
2. Timliness of Service
3. Professionalism
4. Personal Appearance
5. Appearance & Condition of Equipment
6. Pricing
7. Website Usefulness
8. Personal thoughts or opinions relating to services

Thank you for your feedback.

Mark Marcotte
Common Ground Works
Please remember all the men and women who have served, those currently serving and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Great Country!
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