Mark Marcotte
Owner / Operator
    Common Ground Works is a Veteran owned and operated business proudly serving Spokane and the surrounding areas of Eastern Washington and Western Idaho since 2007. I personally conduct all work accomplished to ensure it meets my high standards. I treat every client's property as though it's my own and I strive for perfection regardless of how big or small the job is. I am a perfectionist ( I suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)), striving for perfection and I absolutely despise the phrase "Good Enough". To me good enough means it could be better and there's room for improvement. Nothing is more gratifying to me than to hear the customer tell me that the job turned out "Better than Expected". I settle for no less....personal or business. 

       I truly believe in 1st Impressions. Although I'm in a "dirty" business I care about my personal appearance as well as the appearance and condition of my equipment. I maintain a high level of maintenance on my equipment to ensure everything is in working order and that it will not be an eyesore on your property. All equipment gets cleaned of debris before leaving the job site to ensure no potential contaminants transfer from one job site to another. At the end of the day all equipment used for the jobs get a thorough power washing before being used again. This is especially critical when noxious weeds or contaminated soil could be transferred.

    In order to keep my prices down, I have learned from experience that it is important to have partnerships with local vendors.  Thus, over the years I have developed partnerships with specific local businesses for most of the materials I use, making the needed materials easy to obtain and keeping my costs low. I also operate my business on a "cash basis" meaning I do not rely on credit to acquire the materials needed to complete your job. Each and very vendor is paid immediately, normally resulting in a discounted price for materials that I can pass on to the customer. I'm also extremely proud to operate my business with no debt or overhead which allows me to keep prices down.

    Jobs are bid either hourly or by the job as a whole. I'm personally not fond of hourly rates as each job is different and can vary according to terrain, job complexity, materials required, material delivery time, unknown and/or hidden factors, weather, etc. I personally prefer to take all factors into consideration and set a firm price for the job. There are pros and cons to this method. The main pro is that the customer knows the general cost up front. The con is that I normally take longer than planned (trying to reach perfection) but the customer doesn't pay extra for that extra time. There are times however when hourly billing is appropriate as long as the customer understands that a job estimated at 6 hours may well take 8 hours instead. This is normally the case when the customer is directing and/or making changes to the job. If the job requires materials such as rock, dirt and/or landscape materials then I typically charge by the square footage, square or cubic yard, tonnage, etc. Either way I strive to provide an estimate up front that is fair and agreed upon.

​   To sum it all up.....I'm a regular guy just like everyone else that lives according to a budget. I know the difficulty of spending hard earned money on something needed versus something wanted. I want every customer to feel good after spending their hard earned money on my services and having a smile at the end of the journey. 

This website has two intended purposes. One is obviously to promote my business and hopefully earn your business and your trust. The second is to hopefully inform and educate. I've learned a lot over the years with many lessons being learned the hard way. Therefore I hope I can pass on some of my lessons learned to save you from making the same mistakes.

Two areas I try to educate people in that aren't really service related are "Tractor 101" and "Rural Living" which you can find in the menu bar above. More people are moving out of the urban environment than ever before and heading for the rural areas. Most of these people have never owned or even driven a tractor and have no idea of the many little details that they will encounter at some time or another living in the country.

I am a big proponent of Good Land Stewardship and firmly feel that if you are intending to relocate to "God's Country" that you should be ready to care for your land just as you would your home, car, family, etc. You WILL inherently have additional costs that you've likely never had before if you're coming from the urban area. Therefore please visit my "Rural Living" page where I attempt to cover as many subjects as possible. That section of my website is always changing with many updates but if you're looking for any specific information that's not there please feel free to e-mail, ( call or text ((509) 389-8191) me and I'll try to find the information for you or steer you in the right direct.
A FRIENDLY NOTICE to web designers: Please note that I am a One-Man operation and I built and maintain this website myself. Therefore I DO NOT need your professional advise or services to improve this website as I and the majority of those visiting here like it the way it is. No advertising or soliciting here and there never will be. Therefore DO NOT call me to solicit my business or tell me how my website can be improved....IF you still feel the need to solicit my business I will gladly take your call, let you present your pitch (while I mute you) and then politely tell you no thank you. 😁
Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
Washington State Business License: COMMOGW841C4
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